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I was looking for this particular book related to phonics practice at home.. found this one.. I must say very very good quality of book.. the pages are so nice and shiny ,crisp.. my son has already started with it the moment it arrived.. a must buy..
Firstly, the book is fabulous. The number of topics they cover is long, whch is a gr8 thing, in this lockdown my 4yr old aldry got an idea of the dentist, railway station, fire station, garden, circus, annual day, zoo, u name it and they hve it coverd. Ever since hve been suggstng this book to all my frnds. My kid literally flips the pages and enjoys the book on his own..both this and 1000 words book I bought, ur kid will love it. I would just request the publishers to add some more staplers for binding. Its completely worth it. Evn i bought it seeing the reviews.😁
My 4-year-old son is mildly autistic..and has a severe speech delay..this book is perfect for kids facing similar teaches them the idea of questions and it also increases their vocabulary son loves this book...I would suggest all mom go with it