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Why Me Teenager’s Guide Book Set (Set of 6)


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Why Me Teenager’s Guide Book Set (Set of 6)

The best selling author Teo Aik Cher provide 6 titles in the Why Me Teenager’s Guide Series.
Why Procrastinate? is a practical and entertaining book that helps teenagers overcome as well as eradicate the ills of procrastination.
Why Worry? Be Happy! Explores several reasons why some people, especially teenagers, worry, Author Teo Aik Cher offer tips & strategies for overcoming worry and embracing happiness.

Why Study Smart? provides valuable insights into the need to study smart. It offers useful tips and techniques for maximizing results and achieving academic success.
Why be a Champion? highlights key characteristics that athletes possess to make them champions. It shows you how you can cultivate a champion mindset.

Why Simplify? provides reasons for why we live the life we have and show us how we can make our lives simpler and more fruitful. The author explores the rationale for simplifying some processes in life and unwell useful tips for a less complicated and more purposeful life.
Why Take Action? examines the importance of taking action and the essential qualities and skills needed to attain success. This practical guide will make a great impact on your life.

For Children of Age 10-15 years

We have books that feed into the curiosity that develops in children at this age and help them understand every aspect of life in a more illustrative, detailed and entertaining way. Books that engage them more towards learning more aspects about the world we live in.

Moreover, our books range from quirky books that make math fun to amazing stories that aim to make children lifelong readers with interesting plots and memorable characters.

This age group has a wide range of reading abilities, from those just beginning to read independently, to those who can read Harry Potter. However, most of the books in this collection are classified as chapter books. As a family read-aloud, these books would be ideal for newly independent readers as well as older children.

Sheth Publishing House

At the Pan India level, we are one of the best publishers for children’s books.

These machines help us in meeting the special printing demands of clients.

Moreover, it also helps us in proper content management. Furthermore, backed by our sophisticated facilities, we have been able to represent world leaders in this section.

For instance, we are the official distributor of reputed children’s book publisher Kohwai & Young in Malaysia.

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Why Me Teenager's Guide Book Set (Set of 6)

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