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Cardinal Alphabet Capital And Small Letters Writing Book


Alphabet Practice Book| Ages 3-6 Years

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About – Cardinal Alphabet Capital And Small Letters Writing Book

Alphabet Practice Book| Ages 3-6 Years

Cardinal Alphabet Capital And Small Letters Writing books adopt a unique method for letter formation, supported by dotted lines and arrows indicating where to begin and how to form each letter including the height and length. It has activities to practice the basic strokes and movements of handwriting. An attractive writing book for children for both capital and small letters. Easy to trace and write capital and small alphabets. It is perfect for handwriting practice with red and blue lines to help with spacing and to form the alphabet in a neat, fluent, and legible manner.

About – Cardinal Books

The “Cardinal Series” is specifically planned for the overall development of the student’s perception of his/her immediate environment. Whether it is related to words, numbers, people, things, or the wonderful gifts of nature.

These books are informational and enjoyable to interact with.

Although, the pictorial content is vividly colorful to engage the student’s attention and expand his/her imagination.

As a result, these books aim to lead the students on an interesting journey of wonder, discovery, and comprehension of our beautiful world. Dedicated to making the teaching and learning process an enjoyable experience.

Sheth Publishing House

At the Pan India level, we are one of the best publishers for children’s books.

These machines help us in meeting the special printing demands of clients.

Moreover, it also helps us in proper content management. Furthermore, backed by our sophisticated facilities, we have been able to represent world leaders in this section.

For instance, we are the official distributor of reputed children’s book publisher Kohwai & Young in Malaysia.

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Cardinal Alphabet Capital And Small Letters Writing Book

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