Rising Star Pattern Writing Book Set (Set of 3)


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Rising Star Pattern Writing Book Set (Set of 3)

Introducing the comprehensive series of Rising Star Pattern Writing books, designed to guide children through progressive stages of learning alphabet letter patterns and cursive writing. Rising Star Pattern Writing A initiates with alphabet letter patterns, bridging the gap between patterns and actual letter formation, fostering understanding through interactive activities that maintain children’s interest. Rising Star Pattern Writing B advances to cursive writing patterns, emphasizing the combination of methods crucial for effective writing skills development. It focuses on mastering cursive letters using structured patterns. Rising Star Pattern Writing C further enriches the series by integrating trace and draw patterns from the previous books, reinforcing capital letters, small letters, and cursive alphabets while introducing phonetic words for pronunciation practice. Key features across the series include building writing confidence through incremental learning, enhancing fine motor skills essential for handwriting, and engaging children with interactive and enjoyable activities that cater to diverse learning styles. Parental involvement is encouraged to enrich the learning experience and provide additional support at home, ensuring a comprehensive approach to developing children’s writing abilities and confidence.

For Children of Age 3-6 years

Reading stories to children exposes them to the intricacy of language and helps them to develop important language skills. As a result, the type of books that are read to children seems to have a direct impact on the depth of their education. Parents should read a variety of books aloud to their children. In addition, children will engage in different types of dialogue or conversation when reading different types of genre books.

The illustrations often provide information that is not covered in the text. Particularly appealing to children are rhyming stories and books that feature repeated patterns of sound. Children’s favourite books long after their preschool years are picture books.

Children love being able to repeat the book’s suggestions, such as clapping their hands, touching their toes, or covering their eyes. Interactive books with flaps also encourage interaction. There’s nothing better than peeking under a flap to find the answer or to discover something new.

Sheth Publishing House

At the Pan India level, we are one of the best publishers for children’s books.

These machines help us in meeting the special printing demands of clients.

Moreover, it also helps us in proper content management. Furthermore, backed by our sophisticated facilities, we have been able to represent world leaders in this section.

For instance, we are the official distributor of reputed children’s book publisher Kohwai & Young in Malaysia.

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Rising Star Pattern Writing Book Set Set of 3 1
Rising Star Pattern Writing Book Set (Set of 3)
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